Movie Crane has brought to Greece the first full motion control head, the famous Scorpio Head SB92 which is widely used in countless applications and is compatible with virtually any Mitchel Mount cinema/TV equipment

With the Scorpio Head SB92 any shot is possible any scenario can be accomplished

In addition Movie Crane has brought the famous techno crane MovieBird ST30 which is the most advanced telescopic, technocrane on the cinema industry thanks to its quality of construction and its diverse features.

Movie Crane cooperates since 1990 with the largest production offices in Greece and around the world and has taken part into noumerous cinema & TV productions and missions in the South Pole, Central, South & North America, Europe and Asia.


MovieBird ST30′




Peter Adamiec, the President of TechnoCrane Poland, was one of the three original inventors of telescopic camera crane in the early 80s.

Since then Peter substantially improved TechnoCrane solution and our 30ft Super TechnoCrane, is the best such product on the market.

Our Super TechnoCrane outperforms competing products in terms of stability, speed and control of movement. It is the only ST on the market with digital control available. It supports lenses up to 150mm.

Scorpio Head SB92

Scorpio Mini Head

2 and 3 axis remote head for video and film cameras.

Wireless control from up to 1000 meters Fully programmable all Axis (pan, tilt, roll, focus, iris, zoom)

Limits programmable, damping and speed adjustment for all axis available.


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